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Precious Spot Silhouette Map Ring [14 Karat Gold]

Precious Spot Silhouette Map Ring [14 Karat Gold]

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This 14k gold ring is a wearable map of your cherished memories and your unique journey. Select the place that holds a special meaning in your heart, and we will customize the map just for you. Carry a piece of the world with you and celebrate the stories that make up your life's voyage with this exquisite ring. Known for its luxurious hue and enduring beauty, 14 Karat Gold elevates the sophistication of the ring, making it a symbol of refined taste and lasting love.


  • 14K Solid Gold
  • Ring comes with a map of the place of your choice

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$522.00 $580.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Christine F.

    The ring is so meaningful and it’s so beautiful

    It turned out really great!
  3. Jerry W.

    High quality and looked justlike the
  4. Suzanne W.

    Good quality
  5. Ryan C.

    Very elegant
  6. Abby H.

    It was made just the way I wanted
  7. Glenda B.

    Ordering easy , product GREAT
  8. Linda J.

    It is pretty. It is the perfect size . It is not too large that it bothers me or gets in the way.
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