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Mirella Circle Zodiac Necklace [14 Karat Gold]

Mirella Circle Zodiac Necklace [14 Karat Gold]

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Whether you're an adventurous Aries or a creative Pisces, this necklace is a great way to express your unique personality traits. But why stop at just one zodiac sign? For an even more unique feeling - wear the zodiac signs of each of your loved ones.


  • Chain and pendant are made of 14 karat gold
  • Choose up to 4 zodiac charms

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$324.00 $360.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Janet M.

  2. Angna B.

    It was original
  3. lynette t.

    The expensive but very nice personal jewelry they offer.
  4. Jerry W.

    High quality and looked justlike the
  5. Suzanne W.

    Good quality
  6. Ryan C.

    Very elegant
  7. Abby H.

    It was made just the way I wanted
  8. Sherrie M.

    The custom look
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