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Aquarius Necklace - Zodiac Sign Necklace with Diamonds [18K Gold Vermeil]

Aquarius Necklace - Zodiac Sign Necklace with Diamonds [18K Gold Vermeil]

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Aquarians are intelligent, sensible, loyal, idealistic, humanitarian, justice-seekers, original, advanced, tolerant, and most importantly, go after what they want. Aquarius is the most progressive, rebellious, innovative, and humanitarian of all the signs of the zodiac. Despite being known for planning revolutions and flaunting their funky fashion sense, Aquarius also has a sensitive side that often goes unnoticed and requires love, support, and appreciation.


  • 0.005 ct Lab created Diamonds
  • Comes with a zodiac sign of your choice
  • The chain and pendant are made of 18k gold vermeil

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Customer Reviews
  1. lynette t.

    The expensive but very nice personal jewelry they offer.
  2. Jerry W.

    High quality and looked justlike the
  3. Suzanne W.

    Good quality
  4. Ryan C.

    Very elegant
  5. Abby H.

    It was made just the way I wanted
  6. Sherrie M.

    The custom look
  7. Glenda B.

    Ordering easy , product GREAT
  8. Laura S.

    It’s very pretty
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